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Monica Robinson: queer poet, artist, photographer, activist, reader, and explorer. creator of words and worlds. visionary and beat poet protegee.

“graveyard love letters”, a collection of haunting photography, available now on Blurb

“A collection of original still life and landscape photography, as the author would imagine photography to look expressed as love letters to graveyards. This collection spans years and towns, but remains a dark and haunting soliloquy to blue-toned graveyards and the world, alone and unexplored.”


“exit wounds”, available now through Lulu Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

“(n.) exit wound: a wound made by a bullet or other missile passing out of the body. See also: the undefined pain between entry and exit. A compilation of original poetry, photography, and art depicting the pain upon entry and exit, and everything in between.”

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Exit Wounds